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ERGOREST - World Leader In Articulating Arm Support

Established in 1978 in Finland, Ergorest pioneered arm support technology for both industry and office computer environments. Through 40 years of research and ongoing product development based on an underlying knowledge of the human anatomy Ergorest has developed a worldwide reputation for producing high quality superior products. Ergorest Arm Supports truly do work and with a variety of specialized features can address the arm support requirements for virtually any work environment.

Ergorest Forearm Supports are machined to fine tolerances that eliminate any play in the articulating joints. The very lightweight base is constructed of cast aluminum with a polyamide support for the arm pad. The naturally-curved armpads are lightly padded to provide a comfortable support for the forearm. The natural leather cover is breathable to reduce the potential for moisture buildup against the skin (replacement pads are available).

2 Sizes of Arm Pad

Most models are available with 2 lengths of armpad support - either 13 cm or 20 cm. Users of average height will generally find the 13 cm length sufficient as the longer armpad is better suited to those with longer forearms. Height adjustment of Ergorest Forearm Supports is accomplished using a thumbscrew housed in the underside of the lower arm. This means that height can be effortlessly adjusted to any point within the range to achieve the ideal ergonomic positioning.

Due to the high level of engineering and attention to detail, Ergorest Forearm Supports are in a category by themselves for performance. As anyone who has used an Ergorest will attest, the movement is incredibly smooth and accommodates even very fine movements for those working under the most demanding of conditions.

Ergonomic Pain Relieving Arm Support

A common source of pain in the shoulders and neck when performing lengthy or repetitive tasks is the lack of support for the weight of the arms. ERGOREST FOREARM SUPPORTS are designed to address this exact issue, providing users with an arm support that will bear the weight of the arm, reducing the strain on the shoulder and neck. Ergorests are engineered to provide virtually effortless movement that becomes almost "invisble" to the user.

The ergonomic benefits of Ergorest Forearm Supports are far-ranging. The most obvious, that of reducing load and strain on the shoulders and neck, was already mentioned above. However, there is a cascade effect when this first benefit is achieved. The release of tension in the muscles of this area can lead to improved circulation which will accomplish a greater degree of oxygen delivery through the entire arm and hand, reducing the potential for fatigue throughout the entire arm.

For those working with keyboards or mice, a properly adjusted Ergorest Forearm Support can reduce or eliminate Wrist Extension, a common source of pain arising from inappropriate use of both keyboards and traditional mice. With the weight of the forearm now supported by the Ergorest, a worker is able to maintain a neutral straight line through their wrist, without feeling the need to "rest" their hand somewhere while performing both typing or mousing action—the Ergorest now serves that purpose.

As the Ergorest Forearm Supports address the potential for wrist extension they can also address another concern. By providing support for both the arm and hand they ensure that users do not rest this weight on the underside of the wrist, a behaviour common with traditional wrist or palm rests. This behaviour can reduce circulation and puts pressure on the Carpal Tunnel, potentially increasing risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The Ergorest moves the support point up along the forearm away from the "at risk" zone and at the same time disperses the pressure over a much larger surface area.

Because the Ergorest is now supporting the weight of the hand and arm the traditional palm or wrist rest can be eliminated, which in turn allows the user to move the keyboard closer towards themselves and ensure that Overreaching Outside the Comfort Zone is eliminated.

Multiple Models for Multiple Applications

While all Ergorest Forearm Supports offer the same level of support and silky-smooth articulation, there are both standard models as well as those designed to serve specific applications. The most common "standard" models work well for most users and are available in 2 styles. One is purely an arm support, the second includes a detachable Mousing Surface that can be positioned in a variety of ways, providing users with the freedom to position their mouse for optimum comfort and ergonomics. These are commonly deployed into office settings, sometimes as a pair, at other times as single units, depending on the needs of any given user. They also work well in many other locations where having the weight of the arms hanging forward of the shoulders puts stress on the shoulder joints and muscles. They have range of height adjustment that is well-suited to most common tasks, from the mounting surface height up to 3" above, meaning that even the handling of tools while working above a workbench is accommodated.

There is also an "elevated model" which comes with an extension pole mount that can be used to elevate the armpad to any height up to 12" above the mounting surface. This model works well in industrial environments where workers may need to have their hands elevated for extended periods while adjusting controls. A good example of this is for those working at Microscopes where the hands need to be held elevated at controls for extended periods of time. Fine control of muscles becomes more difficult the longer a muscle is held in sustained tension, because toxins build up in the muscle tissue, resulting in fatigue and pain. The tendency at this point is to further tense the muscles in an effort to maintain control which in turn further exacerbates the problem. The level of control decreases as each of these factors increases in degree, resulting in a cycle of sustained muscle tension - toxins - fatigue - pain - increased muscle tension - etc. The support provided by Ergorest Forearm Supports enables the worker to permit the muscles to relax. When relaxed the tissues are able to flush the toxins, eliminating the potential buildup that leads to fatigue and pain, thereby breaking the cycle.

The third group of Ergorest Forearm Supports is specifically targeted to industrial applications where Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a concern. These would be deployed in situations where workers are performing work on static-sensitive electronic equipment. These ESD Rated units are available as either "Standard" or "Elevated" models and are equipped with a grounding cable to reduce potential for accidental static discharge.

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